Tristan da Cunha International Design Competition

  • Location | Bend, OR
  • Completed | 2015

Situated along an archipelago in the South Atlantic with no airport, no internet, and limited harbor facilities, the island of Tristan da Cunha is among the most remote places in the world. Its primary settlement, Edinburgh by the Seven Seas, has only 270 permanent residents. The island is connected to the outside world by a commercial ship that makes the 7-day journey from Cape Town, South Africa just 8 times each year. 

In March 2015, RIBA Competitions launched a Design Ideas Competition on behalf of the Government of Tristan da Cunha. Together with Anthos Consulting, Vidas Architecture, and Steven Ames Planning, Stacey and Rachel were able to present a vision for creating a more sustainable future for Tristan da Cunha's Community.

  The series of strategies, known as “Tristan Pathways,” works with the islanders’ existing way of life, guiding them toward a more sustainable future through incremental, yet significant change. “Tristan Pathways” includes conceptual frameworks and a process for developing the community’s preferred sustainability solutions. It takes steps to improve the environmental performance of the private residences located on the Island, it consolidates the footprint of the island’s major government buildings while creating a center for community and commerce, and it works to simultaneously harness, manage, and conserve Tristan da Cunha’s natural resources while promoting sustainable agrarian reform.

The ultimate outcome for this vision preserves the heritage of Tristan da Cunha; it invigorates Tristan’s economy and builds an enduring future for the island and her people.

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