Immersion Brewing

  • Location | Bend
  • Size | 7,085 SF
  • Status | Completed May, 2016

A first in Bend, Immersion Brewing offers a 10 BBL (equivalent to about 1,200 liters of beer) brewery, a full-service restaurant, and brew-it-yourself attraction for first timers and experienced vets alike. The combination of table and booth seating offers varied experiences for diners, and a long, angular bar sits at the center of the action with full-view of the illuminated bright tanks.

  A new multi-story structural shear core at the center of the space provides improved structural stability for the historic building and greatly needed room for mechanical equipment. Five 20 BBL (about 2,400 liters) bright tanks are the center of attention, standing proudly behind the bar and dispensing house-brewed beer to patrons.  The unique bathroom sink was created using water pressure gauges and an angled stone top. A new vestibule reduces cold and heat intrusion, saving energy, while new aluminum storefront entry doors and windows and a glazed overhead garage door provide additional light to the space and update the building’s facade.

  The brewhouse remains visible to patrons, allowing those not participating in the brew-it-yourself activity to see how the beer is crafted. Local reclaimed woods provide accents throughout and a sprawling custom light fixture constructed from standard electrical conduit and junction boxes offers a new take on the now-popular ‘pipe light’ concept.

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